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Imani MCC's 23rd Church Anniversary

23rd Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Imani!

Under normal circumstances, we would be celebrating our 23rd anniversary this Sunday, November 15th, 2020. This year has drastically changed our current state of “normal.” But that does not have to prevent us from celebrating God sustaining this body of believers for another year. That is especially true given what an extraordinary year this has been.

It has been nine months since we have been able to meet in person for worship. I have missed our times together tremendously, as I am sure many of you have. But this small, but great “little church that could” has been through challenging times before. The Lord has always kept us; and will not fail to keep us through this.

In addition to being anniversary time, the time for our Annual Congregational Forum and Meeting is approaching. Since it still is not advisable to meet in person, we will conduct our business virtually this year. By the end of this month, members and friends on record will receive (via email) a copy of the Board of Directors’ proposed budget for 2021. You will be given time to review it and to contact us with any questions or concerns. Please be reminded that all of our members and friends have “voice” as we do business - meaning, your questions and comments are welcome. Only full-fledged members of our Board and our congregation are eligible to cast votes to make final decisions. You will be given a link by which you can vote to approve or disapprove the proposed budget by a deadline date to be provided.

Given the suspension of most of our activities, during the pandemic, we do not have much other business to conduct or many decisions to make at this time. However, there is one more very important matter we need you to prayerfully consider. We have openings on our Board of Directors. At present, the duties have been trimmed down considerably. We meet once monthly online unless an emergency requires a special meeting. Eventually, all Board members will be authorized to sign church checks and will be asked to go to the church to do so on a rotating basis. So the bulk of the “work” consists of being present and prayerful as we do the business of the church. Please prayerfully consider whether you might serve Imani as a member of our Board during the coming year. Please contact me if you are willing to serve, as soon as possible. There will be a vote to confirm new members at the same time as the vote on the budget.

I want to remind you that though we’re not meeting in person, I am available for conversation, prayer, and any other pastoral care that you need and I can provide. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your church can be of service to you.

This is the time of year when I begin asking God for a word or phrase to embrace as a “theme” for the coming year. You may recall that the phrase I was given for this year was, “Be Brave.” Could it be any clearer why God laid that on my heart for me to pass on to you?! Please keep me in your prayers as I seek to discern and do God’s will as your servant-leader. And rest assured that every one of you is in my prayers always and forever!

Grace, Peace, and Love,
Pastor Marilyn

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