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Preparing to Cross Over

jordanPreparing to Cross Over

“Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves,
for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you.’”
Joshua 3:5 (NIV)

Retreat Intention/Purpose: It is our deepest, most reverent intention to be ushered by Spirit into a place within ourselves and within this faith community called Imani MCC that allows us to move to the next phase, the next level, of ministry God is calling us to, that place where God does amazing things among, in, through and as us … and to do so easily, effortlessly, elegantly and under Grace.

Dear Faith Partner,

I pray this message finds you well and full of faith in God’s irresistible love and grace. I also pray that as we move into this autumn season that, just as the trees are releasing their leaves, you are releasing all that is unnecessary or stands in the way of you experiencing and expressing the fullness of joy that is Christ’s promise to us.

This “little letter” is sent as a follow-up to our All Church Retreat on October 8th. It’s my attempt at keeping you aware of what’s going on at Imani. I pray it fulfills its purpose.

Since we were together on October 8th, I’ve had a chance to get away for a week of vacation. During that time away I settled into a space that allowed me to ask some important questions about who we are and what we’re about at Imani MCC. One answer that has come to me is this: Imani’s mission/purpose is found in its name, “Imani” which means “faith,” and this is what we’re about … Making and maintaining a place where people come to move more fully into their own faith in God’s irresistible love. More to come! Much, much more to come on this.

We accomplished quite a bit in the few hours that we were together on October 8th. One of the most important things we talked about was the re-institution of our Faith Teams (formally Working Groups) as we prepare to “cross over.” Our Faith Teams are responsible for making sure we live up to our vision and fulfill our mission in four strategic areas of ministry: 1) Ministry, 2) Outreach, 3) Inclusivity, and 4) Building/Facilities. If you aren’t a member of a Faith Team, please prayerfully consider where you might serve.

As a part of our preparing to move (as in move stuff from one building to another) and to move forward (as into God’s glorious future for Imani) it was decided the Faith Teams will meet briefly on Sunday, October 30th, following worship. The purpose of these meetings will be to set a date for the next meeting of the teams.

Another important part of this day will be our beginning to physically prepare for our move to the C-View ministry facility. It’s our intention to actually begin sorting through and packing things we plan on taking with us to the new facility. I hope you can join us for this labor of love. (We’ll go to lunch together and then tackle this task.)

Well, that’s it for now. Be looking for more from me on these matters in the coming days.

Grace and peace,
Rev. Phil Mathews
Imani MCC

ImaniMCC Faith Teams


  • Ministry
  • Building/Facilities
  • Community Outreach
  • Inclusivity


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