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Easter Blessings


Happy Easter ya’ll! Yes, it’s two days after Easter Sunday, yet that doesn’t mean anything. For those of us walking by faith in God’s love for us in Christ Easter is an everyday, everywhere, anytime, any place experience and expression. So again, Happy Easter ya’ll!

I had a really strange sensation Easter Sunday afternoon. As I was sitting at lunch with some folks from church I realized Easter was actually here and things didn’t seem much different from the way they’d been the day, or the week, or the month before. I was actually kind of stunned. After all the “fasting” I had done, and writing, and reflecting, and praying, and worshiping I thought things seemed quite anticlimactic. I had to sit with myself a moment or two to come to the realization that all that I had done, or not done, over the past seven weeks of the Lenten journey was not in vain, that what I had experienced during this holy season (all of it) was the actual blessing. Thank You God!

I’m not sure what I thought was supposed to happen when we got to Easter morning. I can tell you that what did happen was amazing. It started with a 7 am “Sunrise Service” at Calvary United Methodist Church where about 30 of us gathered to hear Mary tell of what she saw and felt as she arrived at the tomb and found Jesus missing. From there I moved into worship at Imani where we had a “packed house” of worshipers who were reminded that the darkness of this world still exists and yet it has not, and will not, subdue that light that shined from the empty tomb that first Easter morning. It was a glorious day of remembering just how much God loves us and how that love overcomes all.

So, here we are again, on the other side of Easter … waiting, watching, wondering. When will it happen? When will what happen? This new life we’ve been promised. Believe me, it’s happening even as you read this blog. Enjoy it, your new life in Christ.

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