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The Prayers on the Wall …

Prayers about Imani's vision taped to the Sanctuary walls at the new Worship Center.Julie Weathers and Jim Manchester got together for the weekly Saturday morning Prayer Service at 10:00 am on November 20th. You’ll remember that at the people who attended the first Prayer Service in the new Worship Center on C-View Street, wrote their prayers and dreams for Imani on cards and taped them to the interior walls of the Sanctuary. Julie and Jim read those dreams and prayers aloud as a part of Saturday’s service.

  • Give people a place of light that is away from the dark places of the world.
  • Growth in numbers.
  • A place where youth of today – our future – will feel welcomed and loved.
  • Bringing the Holy Spirit to our community daily.
  • That the people who come to worship in this space will become a part of the sanctuary that is Imani.
  • That we will not rush, and instead make this space what we need to be to carry out God’s purpose for this Sanctuary.
  • That we do not think small. God cannot be put in a box.
  • Ever-expanding vision.
  • People being clothed and hungry people being fed.
  • Families of all types, shapes, sizes, colors, and sizes engaging in relevant life-enriching activities as we all learn to be ALL that God envisions us to be.
  • God, let this be a space of loving, living, giving, growing, sharing, shaping – lights shining for You. We are Your servants.
  • I pray that this church use this space to become a body – a spiritual respite – for those who are seeking to know God, to know a different way, to know irresistible love. And experience what it means to stand in the fullness of God’s love – to be all that we were made to be.
  • Healing of bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships.
  • Prisoners finding a place to change and grow.
  • Hope – liberating hope.
  • Openness to ALL
  • Whoever is on their journey, may they find a place to continue their paths here.
  • A place to worship God that is warm, welcoming, and friendly - enlivened by the Holy Spirit – a place called home.
  • Life-changing study groups and programs.
  • I see a houseful of young and old alike who are hungry for the true word of God.
  • Peace, grace, and love.
  • Community development programs.
  • Use us to fill and grow this space through Your good works – keeping You first in all we do.
  • Powerful, life-changing worship.
  • Hispanic / Latino ministries.
  • Let there be sounds of children singing and praising the Lord. Being raised by a family and a church family that loves them and teaches them the love of the Lord.
  • Let this be a place of letting go of the past … the hurts … the thoughts that God might not love us. He loves us and all our “otherness.”
  • A place to continuously fellowship.
  • Grow us, use us, lead us, bless us, Father.
  • A place for saving lives.
  • Rebirth.
  • God, this is Your house and we dedicate all that we are to You with praise and thanksgiving. For it is You who has given us the means and abilities to attain this – Your building. I pray that we see Your vision for us and that we provide the works to achieve the vision You have for us, Your people.
  • Let this be a house of love – for You are love. I pray that we, as Your people, love each other and care for each other always. Please protect us from anything that is not of love. We love You because You first loved us. Praise to You now and forever.

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