A Lovely Day in My Life

Pastor Marilyn's FB Status Post Nov 2“There are days that you just know were Divinely ordained to usher in a new era in your life and ministry. Today was such a day.” My Facebook status for Saturday, November 2nd, begins with those words. I was referring to one of the most glorious occasions I have celebrated in a very long time - my Installation as the third Senior Pastor of Imani Metropolitan Community Church.

The road to get to that point was not without its bumps, but as is always the case with Divinely ordained events, the almost-tangible sense of the “rightness” of what was happening - expressed repeatedly and shared (I believe) by everyone in the room - made everything it took to get there worth it.

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New Community Resource Coming to Durham

GoLast evening, I attended a Town Hall Meeting, sponsored by the Raleigh LGBT Center. The purpose of the meeting was to assess interest and solicit input in plans to open an LGBT center in Durham. That is what I am calling it, for now, although it is possible that the name of the new center will be different.

The meeting was very well attended. I saw one estimate of 100 people present. The diversity of the attendees was striking. There were people of multiple racial and ethnic identities, there were college-age folks, and senior citizens. Virtually any standard demographic you can think of was represented there. I, personally, was thrilled to see several members and friends of Imani there as well.

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