God Validates Us

Keep Calm - You Are BlessedWe experienced an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit during our worship at Imani Sunday. It is such a gift when that happens! We know that God is present everywhere, all the time. We know that. But there are times when there is a discernible atmospheric shift in the room. I don’t know how else to express it. I don’t know a better word to describe it than extraordinary; extra-ordinary; the felt experience of the presence of God among us above and beyond the norm.

I treasure these experiences because they confirm, for me, everything that I know and experience relative to my relationship with God. They confirm the reality of it all. I hope and pray that they do the same for everyone present, particularly those who need that confirmation.

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Deliver Us from Evil

Deliver Us from EvilDuring the month of February, our Bible study topic will be spiritual warfare. We will ask questions (which may or may not be answerable), examine scripture, and consider what we believe. As always, it is understood that we do not all have to believe the same thing.

I have figured out this much - sometimes the “blockages” I encounter that prevent me from functioning at my best are spiritual in nature. Sometimes it feels like something other than me is fighting me to prevent me from getting unstuck. I know that may sound weird; but there is plenty of scriptural support for the belief that there are spiritual forces that operate in opposition to God and to God’s will for God’s children. Personally, I find it as easy to believe that as I find it to believe in God. In both cases, we are talking about spirit-beings which are other than human. What makes it easier to believe in good spiritual forces than in bad ones?

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