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By Faith, Not Sight

I’m working on the sermon for this Sunday, and I think it’s moving toward reminding us of the importance of being aligned with the will of God. Well, that begs the questions, “How do we do that? How do we align ourselves with God’s will? How do we even know what God’s will is, and whether we are aligned with it?”

A Talking DonkeyHonestly, I don’t always know. I cannot even estimate how many times I have wished that God would reprise some of God’s former methods of communication - a burning bush, a drop-in visit from an angel, a talking donkey - something that would leave me with no questions about what God wants me to do. I assume, of course, that God would protect me from the heart attack that might otherwise be triggered by such a shocking event. So the outcome I envision is that I would have a crystal clear understanding of God’s will for my life and be empowered to confidently get on with it with all doubts, questions, and my fears of error, failure and success permanently banished from my life.

That hasn’t happened, so I continue to struggle - even agonize, sometimes - in my efforts to discern and do God’s will. I can only share my experience; with complete awareness that it may not be the same as another person’s equally valid experience.

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Why Bother with Politics?

… I don’t think the fact that we were not on the Zimmerman jury or that we are not members of the NC Legislature completely exonerates us from culpability in their atrocious actions…

Like most people I know, I was stunned by the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Stunned, but not completely surprised. After all, the Rodney King beating was caught on videotape, and that didn’t prevent a not guilty verdict in that case.

There is a part of me that is reluctant to take this subject on as my blog for this week. That is partly because the subject is depressing, and so much has already been said about it, and the racism “mountain” apparently wasn’t notified that when we Christians speak, mountains are meant to move. It’s here. It has always been here. And it seems like it will always be here. It’s discouraging; and I am discouraged, in this moment, about the whole Trayvon ordeal and about what the NC Legislature is doing to this state and about how long it is taking for marriage equality to be the law of the land and for people to accept that it is right and move on.

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