We Want You Back

Friends & FamilySunday, August 25th, will be Imani’s annual Family and Friends Day. As it approaches, I want to talk about a specific concern that has been in my heart for a while. And let me say that, though I will only speak for myself, I have had conversations with the Board of Directors and with others which assure me that my feelings are shared by others at Imani.

Many wonderful people have passed through Imani in its 15-year history. By “passed through,” I mean they are no longer here. Some moved away. Some were divinely led to other places to fulfill their ministry destinies. We miss those folks and would love to have them come back to visit on the 25th, if they can.

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Study to Show Thyself Approved ...

groupWe had a great time in Bible study Wednesday night. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Rev. Annie’s presentation of the Gospel of John, over the last few weeks. My only regret is that we haven’t had more members and friends present for the experience. My intent is not to fuss or scold. I would just like to say a few words to gently encourage those who can to think about coming out for our Book & Bible study.

Most of us accept that, in order to be our best at most things, we must invest significant time and effort into it. We go to school, we rehearse or practice - we do what it takes to broaden our knowledge, or strengthen our muscles, or hone our skills. We may have natural gifts, talents, and aptitudes in certain areas; but we realize that there is always room for growth. So we invest in nurturing, developing and refining those aspects of ourselves where we really want to shine.

I think that also applies to our Christian discipleship. Nothing is required of us except faith, in order to be Christians. But there is always room for growth as disciples of Jesus; and if we want to be the best we can be and let our lights shine as brightly as they can, some investment in our spiritual growth is necessary. And when it comes to this, I suggest, more is more.

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