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Time for a Change?

Stir Things UpLately, I’ve been thinking about habits, patterns, routines, etc.; those things that we do just because we do them. Or things that we don’t do, just because we never have. Personally, I think it’s good to stir things up every now and then; to branch out and do something different, or do something in a different way. I especially like discovering new interests and abilities by doing things I never imagined myself doing. It broadens my self-image; helps me see myself in a different way.

For example, I was never even remotely a person likely to be called “health conscious.” My diet was disgraceful. I did no more exercise than was required to get from one seat to another during my daily, mostly sedentary routine. I remember when water rarely passed my lips. I couldn’t detect a flavor in it, so I didn’t see the point.

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Kudos to Mayor Vincent Gray!

Mayor Vincent Gray - Donnie McClurkin - Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder
Mayor Gray-left (photo credit Mandel Ngan-AFP-Getty Images), McClurkin-center (photo credit Mitsu Yasukawa-The Star-Ledger) and Bishop Flunder (from Facebook)

Last week, I used this space for a last lead-in to Family & Friends Day (which was a great day, by the way!). That trumped the Donnie McClurkin controversy which was just breaking as we “went to press.” But folks are still talking about it. In fact, if you google “McClurkin and Gray,” you will see dozens of articles, editorials, and blogs on the subject. Unfortunately, most of them are written by misguided fundamentalist homophobes, who are crying “Foul!” on McClurkin’s behalf. So here’s my two-cents.

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